About Huaran

    Headquartered in Shanghai, the financial center of China, Huaran Investment and Consulting Co.,LTD. ("HRN") is a professional consulting company with great influence. HRN provides authoritative, comprehensive, and precise services in areas of strategic M&A as well as investment consulting for customers including large scale groups, multi-national enterprises, and investment institutions.

    HRN possesses unique resources in the M&A field and makes periodic visits to various financial advisory companies, lawyer offices, and consulting institutions of Europe, U.S., Japan, and Korea. HRN aims to import high quality projects and technologies worldwide, helping local companies transforming and upgrading. Meanwhile, as professional M&A sell-side financial adviser, HRN have assisted numbers of private owned companies in selling to multi-national enterprises, and thus the exit of the initial shareholders.

    The rapid development of the Chinese economy has provided an abundance of opportunities for enterprises around the world and HRN is committed to provide its clients outstanding service and support. HRN is continuously improving its service quality and expanding service categories in order to establish HRN as one of the most influential local Chinese consulting institution.