Our Strength

Overseas Projects

Independent information channels

High quality overseas projects gathering

Professional screening and rating process

Timely maintenance and upgrading

Professional team

Huaran possesses a professional research team including specialists on strategic consulting, market development, as well as accounting, and many of the team members came back from matured financial market overseas. The research scope of Huaran includes macro economy, general industry, and specific corporate. We encourage unique judgment and ideas on each project. During the past cases, team members have worked and co-operated closely, forming valuable team cohesion and creativity ability.

Abundant experience

Huaran has served hundreds of clients and conducted thousands of project research for various companies both domestic and abroad. From the consulting experience of various years, Huaran has summarized a well-developed M&A process management method, and using this method, successfully completed M&A cases range from hundreds of thousands to billions for large MNEs as well as local companies.