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Production Survey

Production is the upstream business activity which supports other activities along the value chain of enterprise; it mainly includes procurement, R&D as well as a range of other business processes.
Our enterprise Production Survey strongly focuses on the status of supplies, the cost of raw materials, R&D of the enterprise, techniques processing, output and production capacity, etc.


Suppliers Investigation
Supplier Investigation primarily focuses on a credit analysis of suppliers.  This is a particularly useful service for clients who have only recently developed initial contact with suppliers who have never been tested through appraisals.  This service can be divided into three categories:
1.    A thorough investigation into the raw material market
2.    A preliminary investigation on suppliers
3.    A more in-depth investigation into suppliers

Analysis on Raw Material Market
Designed to give a clearer understanding of the size, capacity, nature, environment of the raw material market and the status of suppliers within the market, this analysis is both crucial and meaningful for the client to define its procurement strategy, product strategy and production strategy.


Preliminary Investigation on Suppliers
Preliminary investigations usually consist of acquiring basic data about a supplier, for example; their address, capacity, product provision, volumes of production, price, quality, market share and transport conditions.


In-depth Investigation on Suppliers.
In-depth investigations of a supplier can be made after preliminary investigations and aim to obtain more detailed and careful in-depth analysis on the target suppliers.  With this in mind, the investigation will examine the supplier’s production line, production processes, quality control and even obtain a senior management profile.  The investigation also covers a view of existing equipment and technology, production and management techniques so as to identify whether the supplier is able to meet the current production process conditions, quality assurance system and management standards of the enterprise.  Only through such in-depth surveys of suppliers can we truly ensure their reliability and suitability for a stable relationship between supply and demand.


Cost Analysis
With a view of the corporate cost accounts and other relevant information, we can analyze the level of business costs and how the costs have varied in their composition.  This study will highlight the significant factors affecting the business costs and associated reasons for change, constantly seeking for appropriate methods or ways to reduce such cost.
The analysis methods we apply are as follows: comparative analysis, ratio analysis, trend analysis, factor analysis, etc.
In particular, our analysis on cost mainly consists of:
1.    Production cost analysis
2.    Financial expenditure analysis
3.    Management fee analysis
4.    Sales fee analysis


R&D Capability of Enterprise
R&D capability is one of the key factors that best represents core competitiveness of an enterprise. By enabling a strong understanding of enterprise’s R&D capability will equip you with a solid grasp of business trends and potential future developments of the enterprise.
We can determine the level of an enterprise's R&D capability through its R&D investment, R&D outputs, R&D performance and through several other analyses’, namely;
R&D Investment Analysis
R&D Outputs Analysis
R&D Performance Analysis


Capacity and Output Analysis
Both production capacity and output are key business indicators, which can be accurately assessed through the analysis of production capacity and output.


Capacity Analysis
Capacity analysis focuses on the following aspects:
1.    What types of model to make and production processes of these types
2.    Machines and equipment used in the production process (equipment load capacity).
3.    The standard producing time, the time scale of each process (human power load capacity).
4.    Production line and the size of warehouse as required (site load capacity).

Output Analysis

Output analysis is a comprehensive index which uses data to illustrate the company through both the daily and monthly labour productivity and equipment loading rate.  It reflects an array of problems including monthly management (such as staff attendance, cadre’s leadership and staff morale).  Likewise, it depicts production properties (such as product quality and quantity, product wear and tear etc).   This service is an essential element for enterprises wanting to maximise their output.
For the vast majority of manufacturing enterprises, there is often a small category of products whose production volumes account for 70% or more of the total production volume.  There is therefore a strong need to acquire a range of different categories in order for such calculations to be carried out.