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Industry Risk Analysis

Industry risk analysis is aimed to examine the development trends of the industry, competitiveness among enterprises and potential market space of product development, to grasp the long-term development dynamics of the industry or the enterprise, to analyze the trajectory of the industry as it develop with the change of economic cycles, we can grasp the potential risks and related reasons that induce the risks during a period of time within the industry, such as market risk, structural risk (raw materials, concentration adjustment), environmental protection and policy risks. Industry risk analysis can help to avoid the potential risks for our clients in advance.


Our industry risk analysis is dedicated to provide accurate forecast on future industrial trends, market space of product development, enterprise competitiveness analysis. Huaran is seeking to determine the evaluation focus in a reasonable way according to the industry attributes, the stage of its development, product characteristics, high and low added value, technological development trends, change of product life cycle and the radius of product sales.


We leverage both the quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis, while integrating the world's leading credit rating methods from Moody's, Standard & Poor's and Fitch rating agencies and Porter Five Forces Model.
We also conduct comparative analysis of key indicators across industries combined with the analysis on industry supply, demand trends and policy, so we can figure out a comprehensive evaluation of investment risk and credit risk embedded in the industry, which can assist investors to instruct effective asset management with credit portfolio optimization, improve investment efficiency and reduce bad assets.

The main evaluation indicators are as follows:


Industrial Environmental Risks
International Economic Environment Risks
Exchange Rate Risk
Macro-economic Risk
Macro-economic Policy Risk
Regional Economic Risk


Industrial Upstream and Downstream Risk
Upstream Industry Risk
Downstream Industry Risk
Related Industry Risk


Industrial Policy Risk
Property Policy Risk
Trade Policy Risk
Environmental Protection Policy Risk
Regional Economic Policy Risk
Other Policy Risk

Industrial Market Risk
Supply and Demand Risk
Price Risk
Competition Risk


Other Industrial Risk