Our Services

Investment Consultancy

    Our distinguished investment consultancy is based on our complete understanding of clients’ needs; it prepares investment proposals for clients and explains the logic behind so that full agreement can be reached after sufficient communication. Our professional investment consultants help the clients to review previous year's investment strategy, then decide whether to keep current asset allocation or to change investment theme according to specific financial goals or investment period. 
We mainly provide the following investment consultancy services:

 Industrial Investment

    Industrial Investment is the economic activity that aims at gaining expected returns by purchasing production factors to transform money into industrial capitals, fix assets, current assets and intangible assets. We are devoted to help enterprises to participate in industrial investments, advise on making mid/long term development strategies and marketing strategies, and assess the schedule of investment/business plans and the validity of marketing/financial projections.

Financial Advisory

    Financial advisory is primarily about providing advisory, consultancy and planning services to enterprises in the fields of finance, accounting, tax, corporate management, financing, and investment.

    We have ample professional knowledge and management consulting experience to provide services in corporate finance, capital allocation, investment and financing program planning, credit investigation, financial evaluation, project evaluation and so on; advise enterprises according to their specific needs and current legal circumstances, and serve as financing/investment intermediate to utilize Huaran's own resources to help enterprises implement investment and financing plans.

Project Feasibility Study
  It is a decisive work before the deployment of the project. Specifically, it is a comprehensive analysis in the economic and technological aspects of proposed project before investment decision. In the field of investment management, feasibility study is a process of researching into the environmental, social, economic,
technological aspects of the project, with comparison and prediction of the economic effects after completion. In summary, a thorough analysis is made about the project's validity, profitability, economic suitability, technological adaptability and construction possibility, thus a scientific basis is provided for investment decisions.

   Feasibility study report can be classified into report for government approval use and for financing feasibility use. Report for government approval use focuses on the social economic effects of the project; report for financing feasibility use focuses on the project's economic feasibility. Specifically the reports can have following functions: government examination and approval, government support for industry, bank loans, financing & investment, investment construction, foreign investment, public offerings, international cooperation, joint-stock cooperation, company registration, land acquisition, application for high-tech enterprise and so on.