The Shanghai Huaran Investment Consulting strongly believes in the "talents are the first productive force" concept.  We place much emphasis on constructing a harmonious and enterprising team spirit, providing our workers with long-term systematic training guidance ensuring that each member of our team is able to reach their maximum potential through achieving personal rapid growth and establishing excellent business leadership skills.
In summary, our team is not only full of passion and mutual respect, but are also hard-working with a strong customer service focus.  
We welcome applications!

Project consultant
Job description:
1. Be heavily involved in project execution and implementation, whilst independently carrying out assigned project tasks with the support of the project manager.
2. Independently deal with the uncertain demands of our clients and identify effective and appropriate solutions.
3. Assist our clients in implementing solutions by identifying the key problems and proactively providing timely assistance and guidance.
4. Participate in research proposals and be able to execute and complete compilation tasks on project diagnosis and project proposals quickly and independently.
5. Summarise the spotlights and achievements of projects; extract research methods and innovative ideas through group discussions and be able to write project cases independently.
6. Take an active role in product development and independent research; undertake the development of research tasks.

1. Masters degree or above in Economics.
2. More than two years relevant market research experience if preferable.
3. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, quick learning ability and an excellent written and oral capacity.
4. The ability to think in a systematic and comprehensive way using sound problem-solving skills.
5. A high degree of professionalism and team spirit with a strong sense of responsibility.


Notice: Identical job descriptions and requirements for consultant and senior consultant.
The specific classification of the title will be decided after the 3 months probation period based on the personal actual capacity to work, willingness to assume responsibility, as well as a comprehensive assessment from customers and creation of team value.